Measure I

August 2017

Dear Neighbor: 

In July, the Burlingame City Council unanimously placed Measure I on the November 2017 ballot. 

If enacted, Measure I will help address Burlingame’s $100,000,000 backlog in infrastructure needs, allowing the City to better maintain deteriorating streets, roads, sidewalks, and public facilities before costs escalate further.

All funds from Measure I are required to be spent in Burlingame.  The Council has discretion about how to spend the funds but has identified priorities such as:

  • Repairing streets, sidewalks and potholes
  • Enhancing neighborhood police patrols and crime prevention programs
  • Providing adequate, safe park and recreation facilities and programs

If adopted by voters, Measure I would provide locally-controlled funds.  NO money can be taken by the State.  As a proposed ¼ cent local sales tax, shoppers and visitors to Burlingame share in the cost. 

Measure I requires independent citizens’ oversight, mandatory financial audits, and annual reports to the community to ensure funds are spent appropriately.  

For more information about Measure I, please refer to any of the resource links below, or call 650-558-7204.


Lisa K. Goldman
City Manager

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The City of Burlingame does not advocate a yes or no vote on Measure I, or for or against any candidate.