Measure I

In November 2018, Burlingame’s voters approved Measure I, a retail transactions and use tax of ¼ percent, which effectively increases the sales tax rate in Burlingame from 9.25 percent to currently 9.625 percent.

In addition to requiring a separate external audit of the collections and expenditures of the new transactions tax, the Measure also provides for the establishment of a Citizens’ Oversight Committee appointed by the City Council to review and report on the receipt of revenue and expenditure of funds from the Measure I tax. Members of the Committee shall be residents of the City or representatives of Burlingame businesses.

The Oversight Committee shall annually review the auditors’ findings regarding the revenues and expenditures and transmit a statement regarding that review to the City Council. In addition, the Oversight Committee shall provide oversight of any bonds that are backed in whole or in part by the Measure I revenues.

Measure I Oversight Committee - Members

Name Term Ends
Mary Hockridge Feb 2024
Todd Gemmer Feb 2026
Peter Roddy Feb 2026
Jack Easterbrook Feb 2024
Krista Zitnick Feb 2024
Councilmember Ortiz Current Council Liaison
Councilmember Colson Current Council Liaison

Meeting Agendas
November 2021 - Agenda
November 2022 - Agenda
November 2023 - Agenda

Measure I Fund AUP Reports
FY2020 - 21 
FY2021 - 22

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The City of Burlingame does not advocate a yes or no vote on Measure I, or for or against any candidate.