Draw a Map

Help shape the City of Burlingame's voting districts by drawing your own map.  You can draw and submit your own proposed district map for the City Council to consider.

The Rules for Drawing Your Map
In accordance with State law, there are five rules you should consider when drawing your map:

  1. Relatively equal size - people not citizens - districting takes into consideration the entire population of the City and not only United States citizens or registered voters.  Population for the purpose of determining district size is drawn from the most recent Census.  
    • The 2010 Census population for Burlingame is 28,806 (this number will be updated with the 2020 Census data when it is released). 
    • The ideal population for each district is approximately 5,800 (this number will be updated when the 2020 Census data is released).  
  2. Contiguous - districts should not hop/jump
  3. Maintain "Communities of Interest"
  4. Follow City/County/local government lines
  5. Keeps districts compact in both appearance and function
How to Draw Your Map
There are a few ways to draw your map. 

  1.  Utilize the online mapping tool (below) which helps you to create more in depth districts (showing Asian, Latinx, Black populations, rental communities, etc.)
  2.  Print this map: Draw Your District Map and follow the directions on the map
  3. Contact City Clerk Meaghan Hassel-Shearer at mhasselshearer@burlingame.org or by phone at (650) 558-7203 to get a copy of the map sent to your home. 
Drawing Your Map Using the Online Mapping Tool
Mapping Tool Screen Shot

The online mapping tool can be found here: 


YouTube Directions on How to Use the Online Mapping Tool: