Reach Codes

WHAT IS A REACH CODE?  Reach Codes are additional requirements that go beyond the standard building codes. The timing of Reach Codes is often in conjunction with the triennial code cycle of the California Building Codes, but this is not required. FAQ

WHY ADOPT A REACH CODE? To expedite implementation of measures to lessen climate change by lowering emissions, in conjunction with Burlingame’s Climate Action Plan.

HISTORY: Burlingame adopted a Reach Code in 2009. It was superseded by the California Green Building Standards Code, (CALGREEN) in 2013, then again in 2016. Burlingame currently enforces the 2019 CALGREEN standards.

For an overview of Reach Codes, and an interactive map of showing jurisdictions with current Reach Codes, refer to the California Energy Codes & Standards website.

CONTENT: Burlingame has adopted reach codes for single family, multi-family, and non-residential construction.  These codes ban natural gas for space heating, water heating, clothes drying, cooking, and fireplaces, with the exception that restaurants may use natural gas for cooking, and single family homes may use natural gas for indoor and outdoor cooking, and fireplaces. The reach codes require Photo-voltaic systems on commercial and high-rise multi-family construction, and increase the requirements for Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure.

TIMING:  Burlingame staff introduced the ordinances on July 6, 2020, and they were adopted on August 17, 2020. The ordinances have been submitted to the California Energy Commission on August 27, 2020, and were posted on the CEC Docket on September 2, for the required public comment period.    

The public comment period is open until September 22, and Burlingame's application should be on the October 14 CEC Business Meeting agenda.

CONTACT US: If you would like further information about the Reach Codes, Green Building in general, or the 2019 CalGreen codes, contact Green Building Specialist Joe McCluskey by email or by phone at 650.558.7273. For information about Burlingame’s Climate Action Plan, please contact Sustainability Coordinator Sigalle Michael by email .