2017 Citywide Sanitary Sewer Point Repair

City Project No. 84830

This project is a routine condition assessment of the City's sanitary sewer system identifying locations with high priority structural deficiencies and inflow and infiltration (I&I). This project consists of removing the structural deficiencies and replacing with new polyvinyl chloride pipe thereby reducing I&I, improving conveyance within the system, and extending the life of the pipe.

:  This project includes different locations within the City of Burlingame, on streets and easements. The work consists of repair of pipe failures at various locations in the City; rehabilitation of manholes; reparation of the site, notification of property owners and traffic control; removal of street pavement, sidewalk, driveway or easements (generally earth); excavation of existing pavement and earth; removal and disposal of ACP sewer main; backfilling and compaction of trench back to grade per specifications; cleaning, pressure test and CCTV inspection pre and post-construction of repaired pipe or structure; and paving or concrete replacement as needed.

Project Status: The Sanitary Sewer Point Repair Project is at 95% completion. Remaining work includes installation of new manhole covers for rehabilitated manholes. The project has been slightly delayed due to weather and unforeseen field conditions. The project is expected to be completed by late February 2019.

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Updated: 2/13/2019