Broadway - US 101 Interchange Reconstruction Project

City Project No. 83550

: This project consisted of the reconstruction of the existing Broadway/US-101 interchange, which was originally constructed in 1947. The project provided improvements to Broadway, US-101 on- and off-ramps, Rollins Road, Bayshore Highway, and Airport Boulevard. The project will also reduce traffic congestion, enhance bicycle and pedestrian access and safety, and improve performance of the Broadway Interchange by improving traffic movements and access around the interchange. 

The new interchange is now a seven-lane Broadway overcrossing approximately 170 feet to the north of the existing four-lane structure. Broadway was realigned to extend straight across US-101 from the Broadway/Rollins Road intersection on the west to Bayshore Highway on the east. The northern terminus of Airport Boulevard has been moved approximately 100 feet to the north to meet the new overcrossing. The existing on- and off-ramps have been replaced. The project retained the existing pedestrian overcrossing just south of Broadway and provided additional pedestrian and bicycle improvements at the new interchange itself. The total length of the project is 0.76 mile (from mile post 16.30 to 17.06). 

In summary the project included the following elements: 

- Replacement of the Broadway overcrossing with a wider structure; 
- Reconfiguration of all ramp connections to US-101 in the north and southbound directions; 
- Installation of ramp meters on the north and southbound on-ramps to US-101; 
- New retaining walls to minimize right-of-way impacts; 
- Reconfiguration of Rollins Road and Broadway intersections; 
- Installation of new traffic signals; 
- Profile grade changes to meet current design standards; 
- New sidewalks and bike lanes for pedestrian and bicycle safety; and 
- New bio swales with landscaping and irrigation to drain and stabilize propose

For additional details, please contact the Caltrans Public Information Officer at (510) 286-5574.

General Construction Information Presentation
- October 2014

Caltrans Traffic Advisory - February 9, 2015
- US Route 101 Pile Driving in Burlingame

Caltrans Traffic Advisory - July 17, 2015
- Construction Update Traffic Detour for US 101/Broadway Interchange Project

Caltrans Construction Update - February 18, 2016
- Phase 3 of U.S. 101/Broadway Interchange Project

Closure Notice and Construction Update - April 20 and 21, 2017
- Phase 4 of U.S. 101/Broadway Interchange Project