Sisters of Mercy Campus

The City of Burlingame has not received applications for the historic Mercy Campus property, located at 2300 Adeline Drive in Burlingame.  However, a Campus planning process is underway the purpose of which is to ensure the continuation of the sisters’ mission and legacy, to provide for the current and long-term care of the sisters, to honor the natural environment of the campus, and to continue to be a resource in the neighborhood.

Given Shelter-in-Place limitations, extensive outreach is being carried out through an interactive website (see below), virtual and individual group Chats and Zoom Community Meetings, and regular mail.  In addition, neighborhood outreach materials have been sent which invite the community to provide input and comments related to any future use of the Mercy Campus.

 The following mailings may be found on the Mercy Campus website, noted below.

  • March Mailer
  • April Mailer
  • June Mailer

The Mercy planning group welcomes feedback from the public and has provided several options by which this can be done. Please see their website for more information: https://courbanize.com/projects/mercy-campus/information . The community will be kept up to date via this website, which notifies Subscribers when any new information is posted.

Please also check this preliminary project page for future updates; however, the City of Burlingame currently has no active application or plans on file for the Mercy Campus.


Project Planner


Project Contact

Catherine Keylon


Jean Hastie

Senior Planner


Mercy Campus Administrative Team