Neighborhood Storm Drain Project #11

City Project No. 85130

Scope: The work shall consist of storm drain, sidewalk repairs, and improvements in the City of Burlingame. Various storm drain inlets will have the frame and grate or catch basin and grate replaced. Inlets with new catch basins installed will have new stub-outs installed or apron enlargements. Additionally, a portion of inlets with frame and grate replacements will also have apron enlargements. At the intersection of Ray Drive and Balboa Way, two inlets will be relocated and three stretches of new storm drain pipe will be installed. This intersection will also have new ADA compliant curb ramps and crosswalk installed. A storm drain manhole will be replaced on Bernal Avenue.

Four curb ramps, including Ray Drive, will be installed across two intersections, and approximately 320 feet of valley gutter and 596 feet of curb and gutter will be installed at various sites. Existing asphalt pavement will be sawcut and repaved adjacent to the curb ramp or gutter work. Driveways will be rebuilt or repaired where new curb installations affect the existing driveways.

Project Status: This project is in the construction phase and is approximately 10% complete.  Work along DeSoto Avenue is complete.  The next locations will be along Park Avenue, Oak Grove Avenue, and Cabrillo Avenue. (Updated: 2/4/2020)

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