1868 Ogden Drive

Multifamily Residential with Cultural Arts Space


The City of Burlingame has received an application for construction of a new six-story residential development with 120 residential units and 1,600 square feet of cultural arts space 1868 Ogden Drive, within the North Burlingame Mixed Use area.

Application Status
The application is currently under review by staff. A study session with the Planning Commission will be scheduled once the staff review is completed. 

Project Plans - July 2019

Project Description
The following are pertinent details regarding the proposed development:

Zoning: North Burlingame Mixed Use 
Site Area: 39,138 SF 
Proposed Units: 120 residential units (6 affordable to low income households)
Proposed Cultural Arts Space: 1,600 SF
Building Height: 6 Stories / 68 feet to top of parapet


Project Applicant
Green Banker LLC