1740 Rollins Road & 842 Cowan Road Pump Station Upgrades

City Project No. 84820 & 83390

The pump stations were originally constructed in the 1950’s and have served their useful life, and are in need of upgrades.  The storm drainage pump stations serve the southern portion of Millbrae, El Portal/Trousdale channels, and Mills Creek watershed.  The storm pump stations are vital in preventing localized flooding to the surrounding area.  The sewage pump station services the Rollins Road commercial/industrial area.  This project will upgrade the existing facilities to modern pump station standards.

: The work shall consist of site/civil, process mechanical, structural, electrical, and instrumentation and control upgrades to two existing stormwater pump stations and one sanitary sewage pump station. There are two work sites, one at 1740 Rollins Road and the other at 842 Cowan Road.  The nominal stormwater pump station capacities at the Rollins Road and Cowan Road sites are 90,000 GPM and 63,000 GPM respectively. The nominal capacity of the 1740 Rollins Road sewage pump station is approximately 1200 GPM. The stormwater pump stations are equipped with vertical propeller pumps with below-grade discharges and will be replaced with similar pumps, four (4) at each pump station.  The 1740 Rollins Road sewage lift station is equipped with three (3) dry pit pumps and will be converted to a submersible pump lift station equipped with three (3) 1070 GPM pumps. Ancillary work includes replacement of the standby generators and transfer switches at both sites, rehabilitation of the stormwater Discharge Box structure at the 1740 Rollins Road site and replacement of pump discharge flap gates at both pump station sites.

Project Status: This project went to bid on Thursday, July 18, 2019 and is pending award of construction contract.

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