Village at Burlingame

Lot F Affordable Housing Development and Lot N Parking Structure

Village Rendering   Parking Garage Rendering

The "Village at Burlingame" has been approved for City of Burlingame Parking Lots F and N, in  downtown just south of Howard Avenue. The project includes constructing a new, 5-story 132-unit affordable workforce and senior apartment development on the site of Parking Lot F, and relocating the existing parking stalls to a proposed parking garage on Parking Lot N.  The broad intent is for the units to be rented by people working in Burlingame, and Burlingame seniors. 

The proposed development is intended to respond to the following objectives:

  • new housing units to support the community, including housing for seniors and for people working in the community;
  • additional, conveniently-located parking for use by downtown businesses and residents alike;
  • additional open space to be enjoyed by both current and new residents.

Apartments Summary:

  • Units: 132 (78 workforce units, 54 senior units)
  • Height: 5 stories / 60 feet
  • Parking: 144 parking spaces in a partially above grade and below grade parking garage, accessed from Park Road (137 spaces in vehicle lifts + 7 disabled-accessible spaces)
  • 6,750 square foot publicly accessible open space

Parking Structure Summary:

  • 368 stalls (206 stalls replaced from existing Lots F and N + 162 new stalls)
  • Height: 5 stories / 48 feet (the top floor is an open deck)
Planning Commission Action Meeting - December 10, 2018 - The Planning Commission approved these applications in a public hearing on December 10, 2018.  The staff report, attachments and plans for these projects are provided below.

Meeting Documents:

Planning Commission Design Review Study Meeting - February 26, 2018.
 The application was initially reviewed by the Planning Commission on February 26, 2018. This was a design review study meeting, allowing the Planning Commission to provide initial input on the design of the proposed project. No action was taken in this meeting. The proposed project is being revised to respond to input received at the meeting, and will return to the Planning Commission at a later date for action.

Meeting Documents:

Staff Contact:
Ruben Hurin, Planning Manager