Police Station Underground Storage Tank (UST) Removal Project

City Project No. 84640

The City of Burlingame intends to remove two Underground Storage Tanks (UST) from the Police Station at 1111 Trousdale Drive. Tank one is a 12,000 gallon gasoline tank and tank two is a 4000 gallon diesel tank.  The gasoline tank is used for refueling police vehicles and the diesel tank is used for standby power for the generator.  Associated work includes obtaining a UST removal permit from the San Mateo County, demolition of the refueling station, removal of contaminate soil, backfill with engineered fill and restoration of the asphalt parking lot.

Attention: Interested contractors are required to purchase a complete set of plans and specifications from the City of Burlingame in order to be eligible to bid on this project.  It is also the responsibility of the bidder to confirm the existence of any and all addenda.

Notice to Bidders

Plan Holders List



Addendum No. 1