Mills Canyon Sewer Access Road Repair Project

City Project No. 85090

The City of Burlingame intends to repair three areas of the Mills Canyon Sewer Access Road where soil movement has resulted in damage to the road. Project work would include construction of three new soldier piles and lagging retaining walls consisting of steel beams embedded in cast-in-drilled-hole (CIDH) caisson foundations with treated wood lagging, installation of wall back-drains, removal of soil and replacement with new engineered fill or controlled-low-strength-material, installation of surface drainage improvements, and installation of new asphaltic concrete road and dikes.

: Interested contractors are required to purchase a complete set of plans and specifications from the City of Burlingame in order to be eligible to bid on this project.  It is also the responsibility of the bidder to confirm the existence of any and all addenda.

Notice to Bidders

Plan Holders List



Geotechnical Evaluation Report dated Feb 19, 2018

Addendum No. 1