Carolan-Rollins Easement Sanitary Sewer Main Relocation

City Project No. 84850

Scope: The project consists of relocating an existing sanitary sewer main currently within an easement through properties along the west side of Toyon Drive between Carolan Avenue and Rollins Road. The work shall consist of constructing 730 linear feet of new 12-inch sanitary sewer pipe using open cut along a proposed easement and connecting to existing main on Carolan Avenue and Rollins Road. Other related work included installation and replacement of manholes, cleanouts and laterals, temporary bypass pumping, connecting all laterals, abandon existing sanitary sewer main and manhole, and other related miscellaneous works.

Project Status: City Council at a regular meeting on December 17, 2018 passed Resolution No. 155-2018 awarding the construction contract to Cratus, Inc.

Resolution No. 155-2018

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